Do Marinas Have Video Surveillance?

The business world is very competitive and marinas are not an exception to that rule. You have to be able to offer your customers the right prices, perks as well as security for their boats.

Marinas often have video surveillance, and some jurisdictions may legally require the owners of the marina to install it. Special cameras are often required for marinas because of the corrosion that exposure to maritime conditions may incur. These cameras are instrumental in recording misbehaviors.

These customers have spent a lot of money on their watercraft and they want to make sure their boats do not get damaged or stolen. Having the right security available will help your bottom line and bring customers into your marina.

To find the answer to the question and read other important information, just continue to read our article.

Do marinas have security?

Yes, they do and this is a given. No one will want to dock their expensive boat if the marina did not offer some sort of protection. Many marinas placed locked gates and fences up to limit access to the docking slips which helps in a big way.

Those gates have special locks which only the boat owners and the staff know the combination to. Booth groups of people can come and go as they please at any time day or night but no one else can.

Then many marinas employ night watchmen to help guard the boats and keep an eye out for anyone circumventing those fences and gates. They may also have security guards on duty during the day to make sure nothing bad takes place.

Then marinas have security or surveillance cameras placed strategically around the marina. The owners of the marina not only have to keep an eye out for suspicious activity but they have to watch their employees as well.

Whether these locations actually record all activity or not is a question best left unanswered. One thing is for sure because the boats are expensive and the owners of those boats are important to the marina’s owners, you can bet they have top-notch security on their premises.

Do boats have cameras?

They can have cameras. Most likely the more expensive the boat is the more toys and features you get access to. Whether the cameras are part of a built-in option or an optional package deal is left up to the manufacturer of the craft.

You are certainly free to install them on your boat if you feel there is a need for them. Some people install cameras just to make sure they can see what is behind them when they are entering or exiting a docking area.

That is a very important function as boat repairs can get very expensive. Then you can buy wireless cameras that can be placed throughout your boat’s interior and exterior. These little eyes send the feedback to your computer so you can keep an eye on what is going on in areas you are not in. again, the option to have cameras or not is up to you. If you see the need for added security then by all means install them.

If you want to make sure your craft is sailing in clear waters, then add those cameras as well. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to securing your boat and keeping it safe from damage or theft.

Do cameras on boats deter theft?

Marinas are a business and they have lots of tempting items moored in their slips. Stealing boats is also big business because the thieves can get top dollar if they steal the right one. It is also easier to change the identity of a boat than it is of a vehicle.

According to studies, video surveillance equipment does deter crime. That means if you dock at a marina that has security cameras or has them on your boat, the chances of your boat being stolen go down.

Cameras will not stop all thieves but they do stop a significant amount of them. Then if the feed is sent to a secure location and stored properly, you are giving the police the evidence they need to help get your boat back as well as capture the thieves.

Prosecutors then will have the evidence they need to get a conviction. So having cameras in the right location is a good security step to take. They may also lower your insurance premiums but that would be up to the insurance company.

Why have cameras in a marina or on a boat?

There are a lot of good reasons why you need to have surveillance cameras in strategic locations. Here are just a few of those reasons that should convince you to install some if you have not done so already:

  1. Reduces theft– not just for boats but they also help reduce employee theft. That is one of the major losses any business suffers.
  2. Helps employee productivity- some employees like to take it easy when they think no one is watching. Having cameras in the different rooms and locations makes sure the employee knows someone is always watching them to their jobs
  3. Solves difficult problems- when someone is accused of doing something wrong, then the video can prove or disprove the accusation. Or if quarrels start the video can show who is right and who is wrong. Video cameras can solve a lot of difficult problems for you
  4. Protects the business from scams- one thing that video cameras do is stop false accident claims. Whether committed by an employee or a visitor, the video will catch them setting up the act and committing it. Such actions will be minimalized.
  5. Reduces legal action- the same as immediately above. The video can show who is truly at fault when an accident or injury occurs. The cameras are legal protection for you and your marina
  6. Protects employees & customers- it is possible your boat or marina is the victim of criminal activity. The cameras can deter such crimes or provide evidence to find and convict the criminals
  7. Gives you a little peace of mind- you will have fewer worries to be concerned about if you install enough cameras in the right locations.

Is it mandatory to turn over surveillance footage?

This is a good question as many people are worried about unlawful searches and seizures. These two acts do take place and you should know your rights concerning the footage you record.

The answer to this question will depend a lot on the state you are living in. Since there are no federal or national police units in the country, you have to know your local laws as well as your rights.

Generally, if the police come with a search warrant or the DA has a subpoena, then you must turn over all the tapes or footage they are asking for. These two pieces of paper overrule any privacy concerns.

When the police do not come with those two pieces of paper it is always in your best interests to co-operate with the police and the DA. If the cameras do not belong to the marina but are on the customers’ boats, then you have no right to turn over those video footage.

The police would have to get specific warrants or permissions from the individual boat owners before they can take those recordings. To make sure you know the laws and your rights governing this area talk to your lawyer. Only a lawyer can give legal advice.

Where to get good security cameras

If you think you have a security or theft problem in your boat’s area or the marina itself, it is wise to know where you can get some good security surveillance equipment. It is also good to know how to operate it and that can only be taught by top-quality professionals.

One place you do not look at will be all the big box stores. The equipment they sell is usually not as good as the type you need. They may be inexpensive but the quality of the footage as well as the equipment is suspect.

The best place to go will be those businesses that specialize in security and the equipment needed. These business owners and their employees will know the ins and outs of setting up a good surveillance system as well as the best places to locate all the cameras.

They will also be able to tell you which system is the best for your marina or boat as well as how to connect the cameras to your computer or a separate one used for security only.

Go with the professionals every time to make sure you have the best coverage possible.

Some final words

If you want to attract the upper crust of society to your marina, you need a top-notch security system. That way your target audience will feel safe, secure, and comfortable while on your premises.

When you decide to set up your security system, always go with the professionals. They understand the criminal mind a lot better than a discount store employee. Be safe is better than being sorry.

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